Alias:neoaj, Austin James, pcmedtek

Jeffrey Bodenstein is a self taught hacker in the very much old school sense – Running with a Radio Shack Color Computer back in the late 70’s to early 80’s, moving onto the commodore 64/128, Amiga, Apple II, Macintosh, IBM 80XXX series. Today he is working on Medical and Technical News, Podcasting, and on becoming a CPR Instructor.
Early on I was able to prove myself with the technical field.  In fact, I was the youngest member of the Saint Louis VP Fair Communications Team where I worked there for 7 years. Having met up with several other hackers in the area though the use of BBS and Computer User Groups, I developed early on the skills needed for programming. I quickly began writing on Basic, C+, Pascal, and C++. Once the PC line started to grow (8088 – 80486 Processor Lines) I quickly started following hardware during the fast changing times. Starting to mix the Color Computer with the IBM was a awesome hacking experience. Almost everything you wanted to do back then required a lot of trial and error, soldering and blowing up resisters and whatnots. Once Telecommunications started taking off with the 300 baud modems there was no stopping our group. From running BBS’s where Fidonet and many other message networks started taking off, to social engineering a account from Washington University on their WUPS computer where I was able to communicate with email, gopher, talk, and many other early protocols.

My current areas that I enjoy keeping up with in the computer field is still hardware, networking, and security. I enjoy running my home network with various OS’s including Mac OS X, Windows XP, Windows 7, Linux, and several other appliances. One thing I pride myself on is keeping this as a hobby and not burning myself out working in the field. I am able to stay on top of the technology via several of my friends that work in the field (Which to this day proves I made the right choice keeping this as a total hobby). I am currently in school studying to become a Medical Assistant along with past Medical Field work my goal is to combine both my passion of computers and health care in a effort to keep myself entertained along with watching these two fields explode into something exciting.